24 May 2011

Lost in translation.

-Hey Mag, do you mind putting your waker on?
-My what?
-Your waker.
-You mean my alarm!
-Yes, your alarm.

Don't you just love it when frenchies literally try to translate words and end up saying the most absurd of them?


  1. Exactly the same way you say "fire bregade." hahaa

  2. You can't even spell it; it's brigade!

  3. Actually , if you look into the dictionary:

    alarm (clock) réveil matin réveil nm

    Additional Translations/Traductions supplémentaires FR to EN:

    réveil nm (réveil matin) clock alarm
    appel du service réveil nm alarm call
    radio-réveil nm clock radio
    radio-réveil nm alarm-radio

    While waker translation is:

    waker / ˈweɪkə(r)/ noun /to be an early/late ~ se réveiller tôt/tard.