25 July 2011

Thee Cairo resolutions.

For the past month, I've been acting as a tour guide for my friend who came to visit from Paris. 
You know her, Magali, my boss from Cannes.
She came to stay for 12 days, to have some business meetings and visit some pyramids. Well, let's just say she will be leaving tomorrow which marks her 25th day in thee Cairo. 
Haha, yeah. 
Also, in four days I will be leaving for London. Eleven days there then I will be back to Paree.
Two months have passed. How and when and why. I really have no idea.
But when I come to think of it, I've been to new places, met new people, tried new food. I really did have fun. 
But I am excited for London. With my best friends. I've never been to London, so it should be really really fun. I just hope the weather doesn't let us all down. I miss wearing my shorts out and about.
Oh, and I am kind of scared to go back to Paris. For when I come back two of my closest friends there will not be there. I am not sure how to react to that, but I still have some time.

09 July 2011


Tahrir, July 8th, 2011.


We are back.
Tahrir is where we leave our differences at the checkpoints, and we try to find common grounds.
Some people call it home. I call it humanity.

07 July 2011


Cairo's post-revolution street art sending some pretty strong messages like "Don't shut me up, Don't use me, Don't lose me" and others scattered around Downtown Cairo.
This was found near the Town House Gallery (Hussein El Me'mar street).