25 May 2011

Because I Cannes!

Now that I am back to Paris Land, I can tell you all (or not really all) about my Cannes- adventures from the comfort of my bed, while listening to favourite music and eating madelines.
It was the most tiring, exhausting, amazing, different, fun experience I've ever had.
Apart from all the glam and glitter of the whole Cannes thing, it really is about business. Or as a wise Parisian told me it's about business on the beach, BB, business on the beach.
You go from meeting to meeting, and from meetings to cocktails and from cocktails to soirées and from soirées to after-soireés. It really is a lot of work. Champagne-mixed work, though!
The sad part is amidst all that, you don't have time to watch movies anymore. You go to Cannes to either make business or watch movies, you can't do both. Believe me, I tried.
I still managed to see some movies, though. But that'll be a whole other post.
As of the highlights of my trip, it included major star-spotting, including seeing The De Niro three times AND Jude Law and Uma Thurman having dinner two tables away from mine at the Carlton!
Yeah, it was pretty awesome!
And in case you are all wondering, I lost a lot of weight somewhere between walking up and down La Croisette an average of 3 times a day, not having enough time to stop for a sandwich, and of course surviving on champagne!
Also, I got tanned due to the same walk up and down La Croisette, as I of course didn't have enough time to go to the beach. No, not even once.
For the whole eleven days, I didnot wear bikinis or shorts or summer dresses. No, not even once.
Oh, and also, I got sick. Literally. I had a cold, full with runny nose and sore throat. Very glamorous, eh?
I think that's all for now. More detailed posts with photos will be out soon, just wait for it ;)

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