07 May 2011

This is the real life.

This post is not about the romantic life of Paris, or how lovely it is to walk in it's streets and drench in it's sun.
No, this post is about the real life of an Egyptian in Paris. No fashion shows, and no revolutions. Plain old real life.
This post is about one of the weirdest days of my life in Paris, and in my life in general.
I wake up in the morning, only to find that my shitty little french phone which I am using now because my dear blackberry is at the gurantee at the moment is dead, all due to the fact that my lovely baba took my charger with him to Cairo. Perfect start to the day!
Okay, I have to leave now to catch my meeting, I get out of my apartment, close the door, and voila, I am locked out. Yes, I forgot my keys in there.
Of course, I decided to go on with my day like nothing happened. I went to the nearest SFR, bought another shitty little french phone for 20 euros so I can reach anyone.
Fast forward four hours later, I am with my parent's Egyptian friend who lives here, I called hom to come and help me out with the door shitness. We call the service depannage which is responsible for helping you and bla bla bla. They came an hour late. Pas grave.
As any normal human being, we asked them how much will it cost, they said 100 euros, we said finee!
They come bla bla bla and do their thing, try the "radio" doesn't work, so they had to take the whole lock out.
After about 30 minutes of various shitnesses, it was time for me to pay.
How much? 1506,01 euros.
Yeah, I know.
Somewhere between calling the insurance company, and calling the police, I wanted to go home.
Yeah, we called the police, and they came. They were super nice and smiling. It made me feel even worse.
I am now in my living room, with an open door, waiting for the depannage people to come and put another lock on so I can safely sleep in my bed.
And this my dear friends, is the real life.

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