29 April 2011

28 April 2011

27 April 2011

I am not done yet.

So, yeah, more Barcelona photos for you!

 This little collection though is mainly featuring Le baba aka my dad, who was the star of most of my Barca-collection.

 La baba after growing his beard, decided to become a model and allowed me to take as much photos as I wanted of him. He actually went as far as ASKING me to take as much photos as possible of him. He is liking his new look now, isn't he?

This is not the end of the Barcelona series. The best is yet to come, amigos ;)

23 April 2011

The Peoples of Barcelona.

In Barcelona, you meet a lot of people; 

 The cool oldies

 The Artists

The Tourists

The Posers

And many others.


 Alisco: the coolest kid in the whole of Barcelona, dancing to the tunes of a street musician!

Well, if I ever have a kid, I want him to be as cool as Alisco.

21 April 2011

La Barça!

After spending three AMAZING days in Barcelona, I am now in Madrid, and missing la barça already.
I still can't find the words to describe it, so I will try with the photos. These are just the start, I have hundreds, maybe even a thousand of them, oh yeah I really went all the way!

I've never been that inspired in my life.

I know all the photos are in black and white, but really isn't everything just a lot prettier in black and white?

17 April 2011


Lately, all I want to do is go out in the sun, read books, listen to music and talk to people.
I think that maybe-God forbid- I am growing up and out of the phase when hardcore clubbing till the wee hours of the day was THE definition of fun.
Or maybe I consumed the whole of my clubbing quota during my first few months in Paris, that now I barely want to shake anything other than milk and chocolate and have it while reading Kundera in Luxembourg!

15 April 2011

Mother comes to visit.

For the past week, I've been acting as a tour guide/entertainer for the mother. 
My mother, who came to visit from Cairo.
Somewhere between having way too much food, and drenching in the sun, I managed to take some photos.
And yesterday, after an hour long adventure at the CDG airport, where they couldn't find my mother's name on the flight, then 25 long minutes and two airfrance employees' later, finally we found it, and I sent my mother back home, safe and sound.
It was just lovely.

But regardless of the little (or not so little) airport incident, we had a lovely week. The weather was perfect for most of it,  so we took advantage and spent too much time in the sun. Jardin du Luxembourg and Pont des arts still are by far our favourite people watching spots, where I can also get into my stalker-mode easily, take out my camera and stalk away!

I will try and write more detailed posts of mother's visit, because it's just NEVER boring when she's around, from making friends with ship captains(if you count Bateaux Mouches as a ship) to dinner at Ralph's, it's just really never boring.

13 April 2011

Let's talk politics. Or not.

I think Egyptians are taking over Paris. Seriously.But that's not the point of the post.
Today, while having falafel with my mother who is visiting from Cairo, we heard the very familiar Egyptian accent and immediatly turned around to look. Typical.
As almost each and every Egyptian person nowadays, the man was talking politics. 
He was later joined by a couple of other Egyptians, and they all kept talking politics. My mother and I were of course eavesdropping on their conversation while we were discussing, wait for it...POLITICS.
After a quick shopping trip to Zara, we were off to meet some other Egyptian friends, and of course OF COURSE, somehow the conversation just drifted to talking politics yet again.
I think politics is eating my life out. I am not an activist or anything, never was, but I can't help refresh my twitter page every minute, trying to keep up with the ridiculous amount of events, MAJOR events happening around the clock in Egypt. From arrests to military craziness, it's just never boring in Egypt now. You blink your eye, and ops, you missed out on too much already.
I just want to read a book. Simply take a book, start to read it, and actually finish more than 5 pages without any earth shattering news, please.
Easy and simple, right? okay then, let's try that tomorrow.

03 April 2011

Un allongé, s'il vous plaît.

It took me about six and half months to like coffee.
I came to Paris with two challenges ahead of me. Coffee and Smoke. 
Could I survive living in Paris without becoming addicted to both? That was the question ( and a bet with a certain Mr. Marold).
It all started when I made French friends. Wherever we go, it's always a sea of coffee in a halo of smokes. 
You sit in a little french café, and you have to order something. But I don't want anything. That's fine, just order coffee. That's how it works here. So, I gave in, and ordered coffee. Just un café.
I hated it.
I said to myself, damn it, you don't have to be that cheap and get the cheapest thing on the menu, try and get the second cheapest. Un allongé, s'il vous plait. And that was it. Just a little more sugar and it was good to go.
I liked coffee. 
I am not addicted (yet?), but I like it. I go to cafés and order coffee now because I want to. 
Don't worry mum, I don't smoke. This is just coffee, okay? Relax. 
I keep telling myself that it wasn't all peer pressure that it's…. it's part of the culture, it's how you blend in the society, isn't it?