09 May 2011

From Cannes with love.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, 
After recovering from my traumatising door-locking experience, I am here to deliver some good news.
No, scratch that, I am here to deliver amazing news, to say the least.
After months and months of applying to a couple of hundred internships. I got one.
Wait till you here the detailssss!
I will be working as an intern for a film production company at the....wait for it.... FESTIVAL DE CANNES!
Hell yeah, I am serious.
I am leaving on Wednesday morning and will be staying there for the whole of the eleven days.
I am not very popular now among my friends as they all hate me, but it's okay, I would've had the same reaction if it was someone else. Probably even worse.
Even my boss is amazing. 26 year old frenchie from the south.
Conclusion: you my dear friends are in for a treat, live from the very heart of the Cannes.
Enough said.

1 comment:

  1. how wonderful! I am so happy for you!!!!! the best of luck!
    work your butt off, do as much as you can, remember to be always fashionable and professional. Hope this experience will bring something special afterwards!!

    ♥ Ylenia
    from longuette