26 May 2011


I am so angry, I can't help it.
It takes a lot of anger for me to write about anything related to politics.
But why are three artists now detained at the Military Police HQ in Cairo for handing out POSTERS inviting people to go back to Tahrir tomorrow?
When did the SCAF become so scared, so terrified and so threatened of the same people who supported them at the begining?
How do you arrest people to stop people protesting against arresting people?
How stupid are the SCAF? for real?
Anyways, we would like to sincerely thank you for giving us more reason to want to take to the streets tomorrow. 
You are leading the way, we are just following.
You only have yourself to blame. 
#FreeGanzeer #FreeAida #FreeNadim

1 comment:

  1. because they released a law saying that protests are prohibited and anyone encouraging them would be arrested.
    they were breaking the law, they got arrested. simple as that.

    i'm not saying i think the law is good, im just answering your question.