26 May 2011

Tree of Beautiful.

Tree of life.
I had to go see for myself, I always do. 
I am glad I did, because it was beautiful.
It is a beautiful movie. Literally.
The camera movement, the direction, the frames, the music, the angles, the words everything is just so beautiful, it leaves you in awe.
I am over using the word beautiful because I think it's the only word that can fully describe this movie. About 8 people left the movie theatre before the ending, some even at the very begining, which I actually found was a good thing, because this movie is not for everybody. This movie is the strongest soft movie I've been to. It takes you into the mind of Terrance Malick, into his heart, you can almost feel his heartbeats with every frame. I can imagine the passion, the pain and the joy he experienced while writing and directing this "movie". It's not a movie. It's too much more than just a movie to be called a movie.
It shouldn't be put in the same category as Mean Girls ( with all respect, it's one of my personal favourites), but no.
It's a very long short movie. It's done in a romanticism that we see more in shorts than in features. Also, the plot line is too abstract to call it a feature, it's too beautiful to be a feature.
Okay, there is only one thing I didn't really like about it, though.
The whole animal planet meet discovery channel in the begining of the movie felt somehow irrelevant, or maybe just too long (about 25 minutes). Some people thought it was time to think about the ideas he introduced to us in the first 15 minutes of the movie, but I personally felt it was too long and a little bit too National Geographic for my taste. Said all that, I have to admit that even that, was done beautifully. 
I want to talk about the acting, but I don't really know how to. They barely act. You barely see Sean Penn. It's barely a movie.
I am still a little bit overwhelmed by the movie.
Chapeau, Mr.Malick, you deserved your Palme d'or, beautifully.

P.S: The photo is taken by me and is in no way is realted to the movie.

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