12 October 2011


"I have hope"

That's how I feel, that's how I've been feeling for the past two days.
There is nothing I can do, but write.
Nothing I can write will be enough. Nothing I can say will change the facts.
Thousands of miles away from Cairo, it in no way hurts less. It maybe even hurts more. 
I know this is the beginning of the end. I know tomorrow will be better. I know.
But that doesn't make the pain go away. It doesn't stop my heart from aching. It's not good enough. I don't want tomorrow to be better. I want today to be better.
I can't take more people dying. I can't stand hearing more screams. I can't live with feeling helpless. 
I don't want this post to be about politics, because it isn't. It's about young people, twenty-something year olds killed. Twenty five of them. In one day. In a matter of hours. How can that be acceptable? if that doesn't shake the world, if that is not a wake up call for everyone, then what is? 
 How those people sleep at night, knowing that someone lost their son, their father, or the love of their lives because of them, is beyond me. 
I took this photo months ago. I had enough hope to fill a city. I still have hope, but just enough hope to keep me going through the days. 
 I am mourning the loss of some of this country's best. My heart goes out to the families. 
May all our martyrs rest in peace. And let's make sure their blood doesn't go in vain. They died for a cause, so let's keep up the fight, for them. 

09 October 2011

Favourite blur.

This photo pretty much sums up fashion week. A blur.
Pretty girls, high heels, short dresses, big hats, and bigger egos and most importantly a big BIG blur.
Ten days of pure blur.
But I can use some blur in my life, it helps me see things clearer.
And fashion week, fashion week is my favourite blur of the year.

08 October 2011

Taylor Tomasi Hill.

Style and accessories director for US Marie Claire, Taylor Tomasi Hill is one of those people you look for in fashion week. And with her flaming red signature hair, it's hard to miss her!
She is known for mixing pieces, like in this outfit, the most basic of tops with an edgy asymmetrical skirt, to add a certain excitement and fun to her whole look.
Photos were taken at the Grand Palais before the Chanel show.

07 October 2011


I think the photo is pretty self explanatory. But hey, it's fashion week, it's your only chance to go outside of the box, or to actually forget about the existence of the box alltogether!

06 October 2011


Paris, October 2011.

The Colour.

You can be wearing the most basic of silhouttes, the simplest of cuts but the brightest of colour, and it will make all the difference.
Because, it's all about the colour.

05 October 2011

The Sartorialist.

When speaking of Garance, I can't help but think of her beau, and one of my favourite photographers, Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist.
To be honest, he is one of the reasons I decided to start my own blog. I owe him for that.
Photographer, blogger, businessman, and a father, Scott really knows how to multi-task. All with a camera around his neck, and a certain Doré in his arms.
I caught Mr.Schuman infront of the Grand Palais, before the Chanel water wanderland show(where Florence Welsh sang LIVE)!

04 October 2011

Garance, part deux!

Here we go again, Garance and I.
With her signature chignon, Garance is really the definition of effortless. You can barely see her make up, her hair is not all over the place, she is wearing a simple dress, there is nothing overdone about her, everything is just as it should be.
Garance was rocking this purple number earlier today at the Grand Palais, before the Chanel show.

Giovanna Battaglia.

Giovanna Battaglia is one of Italy's favourite fashionistas as well a photographer's sweetheart.
After styling for Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia and even L'Uomo Vogue, Battalgia recently moved to NewYork where she's working with W magazine.
Loving your foulard, Giovanna. 
Photos were taken earlier today before the Chanel show at the Grand Palais, moments before Giovanna met up with friend and Miss Moda as named by Garance Doré, Anna Dello Russo.

Caroline Issa.

I didn't know where to start, I have too many photos to share with you.
I had one of the most successful stalking-beautiful-people-at-fashion-week days ever. 
I decided to start by Caroline Issa, from TANK magazine, after today's Chanel show at the Grand Palais.
This is just the start, I am not even close to being done.
Hold your breath, for the best is yet to come ;)

03 October 2011

Happy colours part deux!

Here we go again, more happy colours for you.
I am afraid though, the weather has been too generous and tomorrow it goes down 7 degrees. 
I am scared, I got used to the heat, it's my natural habitat and I enjoy it.
And also, tomorrow is Chanel. And Chanel days are always sunny.

02 October 2011

Happy colours and pretty bags.

It's so sunny and bright in Paris, people are dressed in colours.
It doesn't happen often so I have to take advantage.
This bag kind of reminds of the bags you can find in Khan El Khalili (Cairo's oldest souk), which makes me happy and nostalgic.
Now, I want the bag. 

01 October 2011

La Garance!

I've been really lucky, after Carine, Anna and Leighton, it's Garance!
Garance Doré is not only one of my favourite bloggers, but she is also permenantly on my list of top ten fashionistas.
She is simple, elegant, classy and fun!
I wanted to take more photos, but I was too busy staring at her outfit, and that baggg, and the shoessss, and her bracelets. You have to pardon me, it's a miracle I even remembered to take photos for you!
Photos were taken earlier today before the Cacheral show, Paris fashion week.

Running late!

The weather in Paris is truly surprising, it's hot, and sunny and I am not complaining here, but it makes it harder to stay longer on the streets taking photos when you feel your head is burning and you're about to faint. So, I decided to go home after an hour or so.
And then, she showed up, late and running in her 9 inch heels. 
Good things do come to those who wait.
Leighton Meester, before the Dior show, Paris fashion week.