06 November 2011


About two weeks ago, I turned nineteen.
Awkward age if you ask me. 
One more year and I will be twenty. Interesting.
For most people have a birthday, I had more of a birthweek. 
Highlight of my week was Mashrou' Leila's concert. I mean how cool is it that one of my favourite bands come to Paris during my birthweek.
The concert was at this little concert hall called La Maroquinerie in the 20eme (20th district of Paris), an area that I don't really visit that often. Ended up having some of the best fries in Paris while dinning at this restaurant.
Well, the thing about the 20eme is that it is all hipstery and cool, but just a little too dodgy for my taste . Or as I just very recently learned, it's a bit too losco for my taste. 
But this restaurant was amazing. It was HUGE. I mean you wouldn't think that by the look of it, also it had live music, a guy with a spanish guitar and all. I can't remember the name but it was right next to La Maroquinerie.
Obviously, the photo was at the concert. The lovely Hamid.
Oh. And I cut my hair. Short. Real short.