16 May 2011

Poor you!

"Cannes is the only place where they can stop Tarantino at the door because he doesn't have an invitation"
Parties in Cannes are all about exclusivity. If you don't know the right people, you will never get in, or even know about those parties!
But even when you do get in, after hours of planning the right tactics to use, carefully choosing your words and making more than a few phone calls, the smile full of victory and pride all over your face slowly fades away when they deny you access to the terrace because for that you need a "special" kind of invite that you of course don't have.
Poor you, thinking you actually made it in.

The photo above was taken at the Wild Bunch party, at their rented villa overlooking the whole of Cannes. With great music, a view to die for, AND an open bar, Wild Bunch are certainly living up to their name!

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  1. You my friend are living the GOOD LIFE! :)
    Cheers to that!