30 March 2011


I got my new vogue in the mail almost  a week ago. I've been meaning(debating how to say what I want to say) to write about the new Vogue, sans Carine, a l' Alt.
Well, I am a little tiny bit disappointed. Yes, here, I just said it!
Okay,let's just take it from the top; the cover. It's a bit too safe, a bit too American Vogue( no offense, Wintour), it lacks that extra oh-la-la that French Vogue always promises you. It's rather cute and all, but that's it. Cute. I doubt that was what Emmanuelle had in mind choosing her cover shoot.

Throughout the whole thing, I've been missing the good old Carine days, full with the too short skirts, provocative editorials and bare breasted-models.
I am not going to be a mean bitch,I KNOW it's just Alt's first and we  know she is as talented as they make them,but I am just saying I expected more, that's it. 
Careful, Alt. You have HUGE( and very high, may I add) shoes(more like heels) to fill. And no one said it was easy.

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