09 March 2011


If you are the least bit interested in the fashion world, then you probably already know about the Galliano-insulting-jew-at-La perle-incindent.
But what you don't know( because you weren't there and I was) is that today, infront of Grand Palais, minutes before the Chanel show begins, a group of young Parisians with banners and t-shirts contre Galliano caught the attentions of the photographers/journalists who raced to snap photos of the demonstration of the year (you think Tunisia or even Egypt would measure up to the Gallianots? Tu fou,toi?)

Regardless if you are contre or avec Galliano, you have to admit that the name (Gallianots) and the idea to go infront of the Chanel show is pretty damn good, man!

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  1. Interesting article!
    Nice idea the GalliaNOT tshirts!!!