31 March 2011

Shades of my taboos.

Somehow, I always thought that all kinds of sunglasses look hideous on me. And that for some reason, I can't just pull them of. I am like the absolute opposite of Garance Doré who admitted that one of her fortés is the ability to look good in any type of shades, regardless of it's shape, size or colour. Oh, how do I envy her!
It wasn't till last summer when my Baba ( who's newest shades are Raybans, orange from the inside, just because he's cool like that)  kindly decided to get me my FIRST pair of glasses; a classic Rayban aviator, the kind you can't go wrong with.
Then, somewhere between bestfriend trying to convince me and me being on a shopping spree, I bought another 3 euro pair of glasses, and wait for it....they are GREEN! Yes, green plastic oversized shades. I did grow some balls over the hot months of last summer.
And lately, I bought my newest pair to add to my little collection. Black wayfarers for 5 euros. Perfect.
So, now, wherever I go, I look at sunglasses, I notice them now that I can actually wear them.
And this is how I learnt to get over my taboos, break them and even wear the greenest of them!

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