08 March 2011

Today was Chanel.

Fashion week is the only time of the year when it's appropriate to wear gowns and 12 inch stilettos at 10:30 am without being judged (other than those days when you really really really want to wear this new gown of yours and no one wants to get married). Actually, you would be appreciated. And today was no exception.
Today was sunny, beautiful. Today was Chanel.
Chanel; the state of being classy, elegent and effortless.
I had a very successful stalking-beautiful-people-at-fashion-week-day, not only did I stalk beautiful people at fashion week, no, I actually got to meet Garance Doré and her beau Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist.
I decided to go all groupie on them and go tell them how much I love their blogs. They were super sweet.
I took hideous amounts of photos but you get to see just 88 of them. 
Take a deep breath, and knock yourself out ;)


  1. I love that you went groupie on Garance and Scott. I would have too! J'adore both of them!

  2. I was directed here by Scott's link. You're hilarious, and I love your photos!

  3. @Brei: I know, I looove them too :)
    @Caribbelle: Thank you, I try. Hope you like the rest of the posts too!

  4. Wonderful photos. I wish I'd gone to Paris too!

  5. @Photodiarist: This really means a lot to me. I am a big big fan of you. I hope you enjoy the rest of the posts :)

  6. i came to you from garance's blog- great photos! you captured so many fun characters and fashion!