12 March 2011

Thirty four again.

Today, I am a happy girl.
Living in Paris is dangerous for your dress-size. The variety of breads, cheeses,wines, desserts and a lot of other mouth watering things, makes it really REALLY hard not to gain a couple of kilos.
I, of course, gained some (not just a couple, nope, SOME) kilos.
But today, after some months of not fitting into my regular size 34, I fit again.
I tried the size 36, but NO, they are too damn big. I try the 34, and voila. I got myself a Cinderalla moment here.
It's all about those little things that make your day. Little things like fitting into your new jeans, or even just buying those new jeans.


  1. I was there to witness the moment! Oh God, almighty! :p

  2. I have heard that before, but I still have yet to visit Paris!

  3. Congratulations on the loss! And how lucky are you to live in Paris :)


  4. Thanks a lot :)
    Paris is amazing, I hope both of you come visit her soon. You'll love it.