18 March 2011

Before today, We were different.

When my friend let me read this yesterday, I was waiting for her to tell me that she found it posted on some group on facebook or something. But no, she wrote it herself.
I am impressed, and a proud friend.
I guess the revolution really changed how we feel things, how we see things, and even how we see ourselves. It also gave us a chance to dig deep for our creative energy, buried deep under too many things.
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the minds of Egyptian youth. 
Enjoy your ride, this is just the start;

By: Sarah Amir Salem

"Before Today, my vocabulary was different, before today, words such as revolution, constitution, democracy, counter-revolution, curfew, million man march, sectarian clashes, thugs, secular Egypt and political awareness, did not exist in my daily dictionary. Before today, I was different.
Before today, the word Egypt did not carry the same meaning it does now to me. Before today, the word Egypt carried with it the meaning of a love/hate relationship, the longing to carry great meaning but the desperation of its people, the anger that at its core was merely love, thousands of years of glorious ancient history and its fight to stay alive in the present. Before today I was a student, but not a freedom fighter. Today I fight for Egypt.
All our lives we’ve been made to believe that someone else has to decide for us, someone else knows better, someone else cares, and someone else draws the map of our future. We were living in a world where you had no time to dream, where you only think what you’re told to, and most importantly where you were forced to look away from the bigger picture, forced to look away from Egypt. Today, I discovered, that no one has to decide for us, no one else knows better, I care, and that the tools to create have always been there, we just never used them, and as a result never learned how to use them. Today, I discovered my long lost love for Egypt, and my new found pride in being an Egyptian. I care, not by choice, and I care with passion.
We are witnesses to history, history is in the making, reshaping the world as we know it. In this particular moment in history, we are the creators of history with our every thought, every action and every feeling. It is not a burden, but an honor."

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