15 April 2011

Mother comes to visit.

For the past week, I've been acting as a tour guide/entertainer for the mother. 
My mother, who came to visit from Cairo.
Somewhere between having way too much food, and drenching in the sun, I managed to take some photos.
And yesterday, after an hour long adventure at the CDG airport, where they couldn't find my mother's name on the flight, then 25 long minutes and two airfrance employees' later, finally we found it, and I sent my mother back home, safe and sound.
It was just lovely.

But regardless of the little (or not so little) airport incident, we had a lovely week. The weather was perfect for most of it,  so we took advantage and spent too much time in the sun. Jardin du Luxembourg and Pont des arts still are by far our favourite people watching spots, where I can also get into my stalker-mode easily, take out my camera and stalk away!

I will try and write more detailed posts of mother's visit, because it's just NEVER boring when she's around, from making friends with ship captains(if you count Bateaux Mouches as a ship) to dinner at Ralph's, it's just really never boring.

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