13 April 2011

Let's talk politics. Or not.

I think Egyptians are taking over Paris. Seriously.But that's not the point of the post.
Today, while having falafel with my mother who is visiting from Cairo, we heard the very familiar Egyptian accent and immediatly turned around to look. Typical.
As almost each and every Egyptian person nowadays, the man was talking politics. 
He was later joined by a couple of other Egyptians, and they all kept talking politics. My mother and I were of course eavesdropping on their conversation while we were discussing, wait for it...POLITICS.
After a quick shopping trip to Zara, we were off to meet some other Egyptian friends, and of course OF COURSE, somehow the conversation just drifted to talking politics yet again.
I think politics is eating my life out. I am not an activist or anything, never was, but I can't help refresh my twitter page every minute, trying to keep up with the ridiculous amount of events, MAJOR events happening around the clock in Egypt. From arrests to military craziness, it's just never boring in Egypt now. You blink your eye, and ops, you missed out on too much already.
I just want to read a book. Simply take a book, start to read it, and actually finish more than 5 pages without any earth shattering news, please.
Easy and simple, right? okay then, let's try that tomorrow.

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