30 September 2011


I think I've made it clear how much I love Vogue. It's the only magazine I've subscribed to. I love the smell of it, and how it makes me feel. 
To love French Vogue is to love Carine Roitfeld's vision and ideas, at least it was until she stepped down some months ago. 
Carine took Vogue to a whole new level, it wasn't just about the fashion, it was art. 
And that's why I love and respect her so much, for her imagination.
But today, I saw her. 
I imagined her to be a snobby editor surrounded by flocks of body guards to hide from the flashes and the masses, but she wasn't. Au contraire, she was nice and chatty, stopping for the photographers and answering the questions, she was really really nice, which made me love her a lot more.
Carine was dressed head to toe in Alaïa. Even more reason to love her!

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